2013 Show Results

Our first group show of 2013 was held at the Kingfisher Equestrian centre Nr Castle Cary on Sunday 17th March. After a shaky start due to snow the sun eventually decided to show itself in the afternoon and the weather warmed up. After the very worrying morning due to the awful weather conditions we were very pleased that nearly everyone managed to get to the show and the rings had plenty of entries for our judges Mr T Bell and Miss Z Bell of Northern Ireland to judge. It was especially nice, and obvious to see that everyone had worked hard on their pony’s presentation even though the days leading up to the show had been bad and less than kind to all of us.

Our congratulations to all of the class winners and Championship winners – well done.

Miniature Junior Champion – Shawdene Escargot
Reserve Miniature Junior Champion – Snelsmore Nevada
Miniature Senior Champion – Eiger Kracker
Miniature Reserve Senior Champion – Edern Pansi

Miniature overall Champion – Shawdene Escargot
Reserve overall Champion – Eiger Kracker

Standard Junior Champion – Buxted Enchanting
Reserve Standard Junior Champion – Westbridgepark Martini

Standard Senior Champion – Champlers Vesta
Standard Reserve Senior Champion – Annwood Gilder

Standard overall Champion – Champlers Vesta
Reserve overall Champion – Annwood Gilder

Ridden Champion – Helawi Lord Louis
Reserve Ridden – Carmaco Pot Balck

Supreme Champion – Champlers Vesta
Reserve Supreme Champion – Shawdene Escargot

Champlers Vesta
Supreme Champion – Champlers Vesta 
Shawdene Escargot
Reserve Supreme – Shawdene Escargot 
 Eiger Kracker
Reserve overall miniature Champion
Eiger Kracker
 Annwood Gilder
Reserve overall standard Champion
Annwood Gilder
 Young Group members 1  Young Group members 2
 Young Group members 3  Young Group members enjoying themselves
in the ridden classes

Wessex Group Summer Show - Sunday 19th August 2013

The weather was a bit shaky on the Saturday giving us high winds but Sunday brought the lovely warmth of the sun again and encouraged a brilliant amount of entries in all of the rings which was wonderful for the judges and for our spectators to watch. The sun welcomed our two judges who had driven a long way to be with us. They were kept very busy all day, Mrs E Young who judged the miniature ponies had very big classes and Mrs A Jones who judged the Standard ponies, ridden classes and Young Handlers was equally busy. It was another good day for the group and the members.

The young handler classes were full of enthusiastic well polished handlers all showing their ponies off and their skills, it is amazing how competitive these classes get.

After a full day they chose Champlers Verity from the Standard ring as their Supreme Champion and
Eiger Jupiter from the miniature ring as Reserve Supreme Champion, much to the delight of their owners.


Miniature Junior Champion – Snelsmore Nutmeg
Reserve Miniature Junior Champion – Shawdene Faberge

Miniature Senior Champion – Eiger Jupiter
Miniature Reserve Senior Champion – Kindy Heidi

Miniature overall Champion – Eiger Jupiter
Reserve overall Champion – Kindy Heidi

Standard Junior Champion – Champlers Sasha
Reserve Standard Junior Champion – Champlers Sophie

Standard Senior Champion – Champlers Verity
Standard Reserve Senior Champion – Jackmoor Lucinda

Standard overall Champion – Champlers Verity
Reserve overall Champion – Jackmoor Lucinda

Ridden Champion – Fordleigh Sophia
Reserve Ridden – Helawi Lord Louis

Supreme Champion – Champlers Verity
Reserve Supreme Champion – Eiger Jupiter

Champlers Verity 

Supreme Champion – Champlers Verity

Mrs Mandy Sargeant is seen here receiving the trophy from the judges Mrs A Jones and Mrs E Young 

Eiger Jupite

Reserve Supreme Champion – Eiger Jupiter

owner Mrs Dawn Gerring seen here receiving the trophy

Jackmoor Lucinda

Standard Reserve Senior Champion - Jackmoor Lucinda

and her foal seen here with her owner Mrs Beverly Wills and her daughter

Wessex Group Summer Shows 2013
Mrs Jones had two big Young Handler classes, the Junior young handler class seen here

Wessex Group Autumn Show - Sunday 27th October 2013

The group held its final show of the year at the Kingston Maurward College Equestrian centre at Dorchester. The Autumn show was another success and the weather supported us too, that is until the predicted heavy storms at the end of the day!

It was good to see a lot of new members attending the late show this year and an increasing amount of young handlers in the ring. We would like to say thank you to the parents and supporters of these and the ridden classes as we do understand that it can be a long and tiring day for the children and their ponies.

It was very pleasing and lovely to watch the younger members of the group enjoying themselves and putting so much hard work into their pony’s and the classes whatever their age or ability.

Unfortunately there can only be one winner in the ring, but they are all winners with their achievements and pony management.

Our judges for the day were Mr N Vale, who presided over the standard pony ring and Mr D Sykes, likewise in the miniature pony ring. At the end of the day they chose the standard pony Pankymoor Highlander as their Supreme Champion and Halstock Sea Spray from the miniature pony ring as their Reserve Supreme Champion.


Miniature Junior Champion – Pansi’s Bounty
Reserve Miniature Junior Champion – Shawdene Eraj

Miniature Senior Champion – Halstock Sea Spray
Miniature Reserve Senior Champion – Shawdene Aerial

Miniature overall Champion – Halstock Sea Spray
Reserve overall Champion – Shawdene Aerial

Standard Junior Champion – Sharptor Theodore
Reserve Standard Junior Champion – Champlers Rose Blossom

Standard Senior Champion – Pankymoor Highlander
Standard Reserve Senior Champion – Coppice Maggie May

Standard overall Champion – Pankymoor Highlander
Reserve overall Champion – Sharptor Theodore

Ridden Champion – Ulverscroft Select
Reserve Ridden – Weewaif Merry Mallow

Supreme Champion – Pankymoor Highlander
Reserve Supreme Champion – Halstock Sea Spray

Pankymoor Highlander  Supreme Champion – Pankymoor Highlander 
Halstock Sea Spray Reserve Supreme Champion – Halstock Sea Spray

Well done to everyone, we hope to see you at the group shows in 2014.